At the Off Broadway hotel we like to provide quality entertainment, dining and a comfortable setting to relax after a long day at work or to meet new people and dine with friends.
Kevin's Trivia


Kevin’s Trivia at The Off Broadway Hotel has been running since dinosaurs roamed the earth! The weekly dose of silly questions ranging from the easy to the downright quizzical is one of the best Wednesday night trivia’s around.


“Fun, free and um funny!” said a random man when asked for three polite words starting with F and used as a quote for the trivia.


Yes, entry in trivia is free and there are bar vouchers for first, second and third place along with lots of beer/wine giveaways for games. So come see the colourful host with the most on Wednesdays at 7.30pm in The Off Broadway’s Imperial Ballroom, also known as that big seating area under the big screen.


Free glass of water to those who mention this ad. High five for those who check-in via Facebook


Every Wednesday at 7:00pm

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